On March 14th, I taught a 90-minute national teleconference seminar for National Business Institute, Inc., titled “Lessons in Appellate Briefing.” The seminar focused on techniques to write a creative and persuasive appellate brief.  Lawyers from New York to Florida to Hawaii listened to my seminar and gave it great reviews.  NBI, Inc. recently sent me the comments received on the continuing legal education seminar, which included some comments I’d thought I’d share:

I really enjoyed the speaker. For a short seminar, he provided some good practice pointers that I can incorporate into my practice immediately

Very useful information presented well. The written materials were easy to read and did not contain useless information.  This is a sad rarity in seminar materials. I will keep the written materials and review them before I write every one of my appeals. The presentation of the useful information contained in his oral presentation together with the materials provided highlights this presenter’s experience.

Overall, a very useful lecture. I got the most from the section about presenting the material as a story instead of as a set of facts and legal precedents.

I hope to present the seminar again for NBI, Inc., and in other appellate practice seminars give in Birmingham by more local continuing education providers.  In the meantime, remember to follow this blog for more tips and techniques, as I will continue to share the material covered in the seminar, and even go in greater depth. I believe my next post later this week or next is going to examine the process the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals uses to determine if oral argument will be allowed and to decide the outcome of an appeal. It’s not a process that should make any advocate rest easy that justice will assuredly be done.

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