The pediment of the New York State Appellate D...

Just a reminder that time is running out to register for the 90-minute teleconference continuing legal education seminar on appellate brief writing that I am doing for NBI, Inc. I’ve prepared some great materials and have a lot to say about the process of writing appellate briefs. It should be a learning experience for everyone, me included, because so far there are nearly 50 lawyers registered for the teleconference, and they are from a wide variety of states, from Hawaii to New York. I’m expecting some tough and interesting questions.

In addition to preparing for the teleconference, my new freelance legal briefwriting service, Appeals and Briefs by Michael Skotnicki, Esq., has kept me a bit busy. I’ve recently worked for a small Birmingham, Alabama defense firm editing an appellate brief and researching an issue of the law in another state that could be key to one of the firm’s major clients. I can serve as the appellate practice group for any solo practitioner or small firm that has a need for some help from an experienced appellate lawyer.  Just follow the link to my web site for more information on how I can help.